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With the advent of technology, mobile has become an essential part of human life. With the advent of technology, CRM is being embedded with mobile devices. This Mobile CRM (M-CRM) is becoming a trend. When a customer and company gets on mobile CRM app, they can interact with each other at real time basis and problems or issues of customers can be solved instantly. It is easily available and easily accessible. As we know, services play an important role in today's marketing style. When right services are provided at right time at just a tap of finger, the satisfaction level of customers rises up. This enhances the sale productivity of the company as well as helps company to emerge as a trusted band for the customers. This advantage has led to a competitive edge among the companies in the market. In mobile CRM solution, some factors need to be considered that include employee buy-in, ease of deployment, ease of use, security, user experience and advanced feature set. Today's M-…
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Customers need to be understood according to their changing trends. Actually, customers are a result of what they follow in personal. For example, if a person likes a singer and aspires to become a singer, he/she would become customer of the companies that provide him/her similar attire of the singer, no matter how much he/she needs to pay for it. This is an effect of blind faith in idealistic person of society.
Companies know very well that today’s youth is highly attracted by the celebrities and somewhere or the other, have trust on their words if that celebrity is posing for some product, it may be possible that youth believe in them and purchase that product or service. This shows that how youth are connected with celebrities, and the connection is used by companies to sell their products.
If legend Shri Amitabh Bachchan is advertising for Lloyd AC, people would or might switch their option to Lloyd AC if they are planning to purchase an AC. If Alia Bhatt is posing for Gionee mobile…


"Customer is a God". The thing that everyone has heard and believed. But in rapidly changing time, this statement has become questionable and is seen as an outdated concept. Today, producers or rather marketers are producing customers. They are not only catering to the present needs of customers, but are offering customers such products which can convert customers' wants to needs, be it for short duration. Producer/marketers are opting to remain in front of customers, ahead of customers and then developing a curiosity market. Rather being able to become price sensitive, marketers are persuading to become candy customers. So the question arises are customers god or are producers God. Slowly and gradually, roles of customers and producers are indulging in a revolution.


Customer connection is very important for the marketers, not just for gaining profit but also for understanding rapidly changing tastes and preferences of the society. Though this connection has been established from a long time, it is constantly upgraded either through reaching to customers by e-mails, SMS, phone calls or through extra discounts whenever they arrive at the stores. Recently, emotions has paved its way in marketing field to attract customers to stimulate demand of the product leading to greater profit for the company. This can be understood as a part of customer relationship management, focusing on customer’s emotions to drive him/her to purchase the right product at the right time. These emotions should be so much appealing that once the customer feels connected with that product or service, it becomes difficult for him/her to detach from that product or service. From years, marketers were persuading customers towards their product or service using customer’s senses (ey…


Colours have been a part of recognition today. Each action and experience of our life can be represented by colours. Though these colours are given by Nature, we have been customizing it through our likings and preferences. Colour, thus, is an important emerging element in the field of marketing. The marketers are playing with colours to understand how colours as an attribute can enhance their product likings among the customers. Every person has his/her own preference in colours based on some parameters like past experiences, eye appealing, aura generating, feeling of warmth or coldness, age, gender. Like, there’s a tendency to say that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. Though, it’s not true in all cases. There are basic twelve colours along with a lot of shades for each one of them. So, it would be highly inappropriate to come to a conclusion on the marketer’s end to decide which colour can get more customers, without any proper research or observation, because there are differ…


Just as the Internet changed the way Indians buy clothings and accessories, organize vacations and research school projects, it has also affected how people interact socially. Through the use of social media, people can exchange photos and videos, share news stories, post their thoughts on blogs, and participate in online discussions. Thus, social media transformed the interaction and communication of individuals throughout the world.  Social media is best understood as a group of new kinds of online media. It is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.Social media act as fantastic tools for communicating with the audience. One can use them to spread material, expand networks and gain new knowledge. Social media platforms allow users to have conversations, share information and create web content. There are many forms of social media, including blogs, micro-blogs, wikis, social networking sites, …
Companies and customers co-exist. Without any customer, no company can survive and on the other hand, if there is no need, want or desire of the customers, there will be no need of company. So, companies market their products and services to customers and customers need products and services to fulfil their needs, wants and desires. To obtain a better relationship with customers, companies need to make themselves strong yet humble in nature and continuously try to improve for better. This will enhance them to gain customer loyalty, customer retention and gaining more customers.
In this cut-throat market today, where each company is trying best to survive itself in customers’ minds. Doing SWOT analysis (identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) from time to time, making use of proper resources, implementing extraordinary tools and techniques of marketing has become the need of the hour to create POD (Point of Difference) amo…