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"Marketing 2.0" is the label being given to the new ways marketing is being practiced with Web 2.0 concepts and tools. While these new ways are particularly evident in marketing communications (how sellers and buyers talk to one another), they are affecting the entire practice of marketing.
Several factors have contributed to the growing excitement amongst marketers about Marketing 2.0, including: (a) the growing availability of broadband Internet connections, (b) the much easier searchability of the Internet, (c) the increased experience and self-confidence of Internet users, (d) the increased skepticism of all corporate communications (from press releases to advertising), and (e) the increased physical separation of people (resulting in desires for 'virtual socialization'). Marketing 2.0 is all about tapping into the remarkable growth in 'social networking'.
In many ways, Marketing 2.0 is an attempt to leverage an old marketing idea : potential customers f…
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Marketing 2.0 is, in some ways, a "paradigm shift" for marketers. The old paradigm (Marketing 1.0) has been characterized as 'top down, interruption marketing', meaning that sellers controlled what was said about their products and services, who got to hear their messages and when they heard them. The classic example of interruption marketing is the unwanted television commercial that appears just as the suspense is building on your favourite TV show. The new paradigm (Marketing 2.0) shifts much greater control of information flow to the potential customer. In this view, the customer chooses what information to examine, when to access it, and importantly, has the opportunity to add to the information flow that other potential customers may see. Some have called this a shift to "permission marketing" (the seller has to be invited into the customer's attention). Others have called this "conversation marketing" to express that customers can now …


E-mail is one of the most powerful tool for virtually reaching out to your customers to advertise your products and services. It helps you to interact at a personal level with the customers and further helps to know the attitude of the customers towards your products and services. While you can track how many of your customers took your mail as an important information source and how many made it a part of junk or spam. This would help you to target your customers, make them happy and strengthen the customer loyalty.
E-mail is emerging as well as stabilized platform where you can connect individually, understand what more they expect from your product and service. It makes easy to trace those segments who are negatively affected and who are positively affected.
It has to be kept in mind that your e-mail notifications should not disturb customer's privacy. They should not be bulk in number because bulk e-mail are psychologically felt as unimportant and so they are deleted without …


Today it’s very essential to study the changing mindset of customers to stand out in the market. Due to everything becoming “E-“, many retailers have to suffer. This “E-“ include “E-business”, “E-commerce”, “E-retailing”. To start off with, let us understand what is “E-“ factor all about. “E-business” refers exclusively to Internet businesses, but it may also refer to any business that uses Internet technology to improve productivity and profitably. Coming to “E-commerce”, “E-commerce” is buying and selling goods over Internet or other computer network. Finally, “E-retailing”, “E-retailing” is selling of retail goods on Internet and is mainly concerned with B2C relationship. Changing technological factors and especially influential factors of change in mindset of customers are time and money. Customers look at broad perspective and segment themselves according to their convenience. So gradually and steadily, Customers according to their Convenience are Converting themselves from phys…


In today’s era, efficient use of marketing tools like advertisement through social media or paper media is the main objective of the company to astray the customers. Today media plays an important role in the fact of customers switching from one brand to another just because of being persuaded by the attractive forms of marketing going on.
Customers merely just go through the attractive characteristics without thinking of the benefits or harm that the product can do to the individual or the society as a whole. So it’s high time now that the customers become aware of the betrayal of the eye catching strategies like celebrity endorsement, extreme influence on the particular age group the product focuses on, etc.are adopted by the companies. Today when the customers go to buy products, 90% of them go with the price while only 10% are there who go with the quality. But in the coming era, as the new generation is arriving, they are understanding the need of satisfaction the product pays f…


To sell the product online, we need to understand concept of E-retailing or simply E-tailing.
E-retailing  or E-tailing is defined as, "The sale of goods and services through the Internet." Electronic retailing, or e-tailing, can include business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales. E-tailing revenue can come from the sale of products and services, through subscriptions to website content, or through advertising.
E-tailing requires businesses to tailor traditional business models to the rapidly changing face of the Internet and its users. E-tailers are not restricted solely to the Internet, and some brick-and-mortar businesses also operate websites to reach consumers. Online retailing is normally referred to as e-tailing.
Now for the product to be sold online, let us think why is it necessary for us to sell our product online and what benefits can we achieve from it? Why should we decide to go online? In my view, the answer is changing Consumer Behaviour. What is this C…


With the advent of technology, mobile has become an essential part of human life. With the advent of technology, CRM is being embedded with mobile devices. This Mobile CRM (M-CRM) is becoming a trend. When a customer and company gets on mobile CRM app, they can interact with each other at real time basis and problems or issues of customers can be solved instantly. It is easily available and easily accessible. As we know, services play an important role in today's marketing style. When right services are provided at right time at just a tap of finger, the satisfaction level of customers rises up. This enhances the sale productivity of the company as well as helps company to emerge as a trusted band for the customers. This advantage has led to a competitive edge among the companies in the market. In mobile CRM solution, some factors need to be considered that include employee buy-in, ease of deployment, ease of use, security, user experience and advanced feature set. Today's M-…